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How We Work


Glasgow Music Theatre is not a club or society and it isn't run by a committee. The Artistic Directors are responsible for programming each season, selecting shows, venues and production teams, and ensuring that GMT produces high-quality theatre with no membership fees for participants. The work of GMT is production-based, rather than membership-based, and the board of Artistic Directors appoints a Producer and Production Team for each individual show. The Producer has responsibility for managing the production budget, and the Production Team are collectively responsible for all artistic decisions affecting the show.


Within each production, all members of the current company are welcome to contribute ideas, enthusiasm or a little bit of elbow grease to assist the workload of the Producer. Anyone is welcome to join the Management Team which carries out day-to-day tasks to keep the company running, under the supervision of the Producer who operates an 'open-door' policy at all times, with no requirement for committee or majority approval. Read more about how we work on our FAQ page.




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