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Amy Glover has worked as a producer for Scottish Opera, the National Theatre of Scotland and the BBC. She has directed 4 productions for Glasgow Music Theatre but is taking a back seat for the 2014/15 season. With mere weeks until auditions get underway, Amy tells us what, in her experience, makes a panel sit up and take notice... Our workshop audition process is unique. I've walked out of too many auditions feeling like I could have done better if only I'd got my breathing under control, or I'd not lost my place in the dialogue, or had some water with me, or not missed that top note. I did all that preparation and didn't get a chance to show the panel me at my best. So when we set up GMT, we devised an audition process for our large-scale dance musicals which gives people the best opportunity to show us what they've got in a relaxed environment. These are my top Dos and Don'ts for how to make the most of your audition. DO your research Find out about the show we're doing, the style of dancing and the range of parts available. Watch the film if there is one. Find clips on youtube. And talk to us! It's not cheating to get in touch in advance of the auditions if there's anything you're not sure about. It's also really important you know when we rehearse and are sure you can commit to the schedule. DO think about the dialogue pieces It's amazing the number of people who think that the dialogue pieces are the least important part of the audititon when they are actually the most revealing. The dialogue is when you have a chance to show how you can characterise. The more versatile you are, the more parts we can consider you for. Think about why we chose those dialogue pieces. What might we be hoping to see? Don't worry if you don't know the show well, just think about how you can get the most out of what you've been given. I'd rather see someone give a thoughtful interpretation that's completely different to my ideas about the character, than someone read the lines without any thought or character motivation. DO make the songs your own Try not to copy a recording of the audition songs because you can bet your life we probably hate it. GMT is all about making shows original and fresh and we need your help to do that, so someone who comes in with a carbon copy of a recording isn't going to impress. As a director, I avoid listening to commercial recordings because I want the interpretation of the songs to be led by the performers we cast. DO give the dancing bags of energy Dancing isn't just about putting every limb in the right place, it's about performing with your whole body, especially your face. Very few people sail through the dancing audition but if you're struggling, make sure you show us you can perform and that you have stage presence. We're watching to see how quickly you pick things up, so even if you're not an experienced dancer now, we can spot someone who might be with hard work. Don't ever be guilty of thinking "there's no point trying at this because I'm not a dancer." DON'T be late It sounds obvious, but we have a lot of names to remember at auditions so make sure we can call you "that one with the great voice" rather than "the one who was late". Having said that, I'll never forget one girl who was late to an audition, but came straight up to our desk to apologise and then dived into learning the choreography without complaint or hesitation. We love a pro! DO come to the pre-audition sessions For Flashdance, we are holding a workshop and audition info session (full details at the bottom of the page) and we'd encourage anyone thinking of auditioning to attend. You can learn more about the production, the parts and the audition process, collect audition pieces, and sign up for an audition slot. This will be a great opportunity to meet the production team, other potential members of the cast and sing through the audition material in a big group. This isn't part of the audition process, no one is judging you and I can guarantee you'll enjoy it. DON'T be scared I can hear you all rolling your eyes from here. But seriously, what have you got to be nervous about? If you mess something up, we'll let you do it again. We're not there to catch you out and we're not judging you based on whether you're nervous or cope well under pressure. If you're cast, you'll have months of rehearsal so we're not interested in making decisions based on whether someone fluffed a line, fell over, or sang a wrong note in an audition. We have the same agenda as you. You want to do your best so you get a part in the show. We want to see you do your best so we can cast you in our show. And we'll do everything we can to make sure you get the opportunity to do your best. See? Nothing to be scared of. DON'T be put off by the "old-timers" It is a truth universally acknowledged that mass hysteria and hilarity ensues when a bunch of musical theatre pals get together, even if it is in an audition room. If you're a newbie, that can make you feel lonely and left out. Trust me, they are just as nervous as you and actually have to work harder to impress us as we already know what they can do. DO have fun It might seem unlikely that you could ever approach anything resembling "fun" in an audition. But there's no harm in trying. You, like us, are there because you like spending your free time pretending to be other people who go about their every day lives breaking into spontaneous song and dance. That's pretty damn funny when you think about it. Flashdance Workshop & Audition Information Afternoon Sunday 31st August 1pm

DANCE GLASGOW, Ruthven Lane, West End of Glasgow

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