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Character profile: Angel, Shy, Ginger

The first in our Character Profile series takes a look at three of the most prominent women in the Whorehouse tale: prostitutes Angel, Shy and Ginger, three very different women with three very different stories to tell.


Real name: Nancy Jean Drury

Aliases: Sadie, Marsha, Sheila Queen of the Jungle

Age: 21

Profession: Whore

Songs: Twenty-Four Hours of Lovin', Hard Candy Christmas

Played by: Ciadhra McGuire


Angel's backstory:

"Nancy's been working as a prostitute for a few years to support her young son, the product of an ill-advised prom night romp with a halfwit named Billy Joe (now deceased: tractor accident). She thought when she set out on the glamorous path of prostitution that she'd be a high-end call girl, but has been working on the streets instead, at the mercy of pimps who beat her up and take her money."

Favourite Angel line:

(When asked about her 'experience') "Amateur or professional?"

Favourite costume idea:

"I briefly considered leather shorts. I realise now that would be a disaster."

Angel's perfect date:

"It sure as hell ain't on a tractor."

Angel’s least favourite Chicken Ranch rule:

“The ‘no chewing gum’ one. Miss Mona thinks it makes you look like a cow, but Angel thinks it looks nonchalant. And she takes dental hygiene very seriously.”

If Angel could pick any profession, what would it be?

“She’s always harboured dreams of being a country western singer, or owning an ice cream parlour. ‘Angel’s Delight’, she’d call it.”

The Whorehouse song Angel can't get out of her head is:

"Texas Has A Whorehouse In It, and every dirty alternate lyric you can come up with."


Real name: Annamerle Seltzer

Age: 16

Profession: Whore

Songs: 24 Hours of Lovin'

Played by: Kelly Johnston


Shy's backstory:

“Annamerle’s from an abusive household where she’s been sexually abused by her father. She didn’t have many friends at school with her being so shy, and she’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. She’d always be daydreaming about where she would rather be, instead of learning anything. She’s run away from home now, befriended Angel along the way, and at the beginning of the show she’s looking for work at the whorehouse. ”

Favourite Shy line:

(When asked if she’s taken part in certain ‘acts’) "I don’t even know what y’all are talking about.”

Favourite costume idea:

"For me, it’s more about the make-up. I think it would be hilarious to see the first time Shy has to do her own make-up. She’d make a total arse of it. Can I say that? She’d have the orange neckline, with the blue eye shadow up to the eyebrows. Just like me at 14!”

Shy's perfect date:

"Probably something fun where she can throw on her cowboy boots and a pair of jeans. Like an arcade or something? Maybe a rodeo. She’s a bit of a tomboy, so the messier the better.”

Shy’s least favourite Chicken Ranch rule:

“No kissing on the mouth.”

If Shy could pick any profession, what would it be?

“FBI agent.”

The Whorehouse song Shy can't get out of her head is:

"Li’l Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place. She’s constantly going over those rules in her head, not wanting to mess up. She wants Mona to be proud of her. Or Twenty-Four Hours of Lovin’ – any song with vocal backflips like that is a winner for me… I mean, ‘her’.”


Age: 28

Profession: Whore

Songs: 20 Fans, 24 Hours of Lovin', Hard Candy Christmas, No Lies

Played by: Laura Molloy


Ginger's backstory:

“Ginger married her high school sweetheart. He struggled to find work in their small hometown, so they travelled all over the state in a trailer, looking for work opportunities that were few and far between. He turned to drink, and she turned to prostitution to help make ends meet. Eventually, he ran off, leaving her with nothing but the clothes on her back. That’s when, 10 years ago, Ginger made her way to the Chicken Ranch to start over.”

Favourite Ginger line:

“How’s your tallywacker hangin’?”

Favourite costume idea:

"I’m really looking forward to wearing some big, chunky 70s wedges or sandals.”

Ginger's perfect date:

"She’s never experienced the finer things in life, so she’d love for a wealthy businessman to fly her off to a romantic, luxurious setting for an evening of wining and dining. But then she does have a very sensible head on her shoulders, so she knows that’s quite unrealistic.”

Ginger’s least favourite Chicken Ranch rule:

“No kissing on the mouth. But only when the boys of Rootin’ Tootin’ Tuesday swing by.”

If Ginger could pick any profession, what would it be?

“Nurse. She’s very sympathetic and likes to look after people.”

The Whorehouse song Ginger can't get out of her head is:

"The Sidestep has been stuck in her head all day!”

The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas runs from 5th-9th May 2015 at Websters Theatre, Glasgow. Show information can be found here, or buy your tickets now here

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