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Casting call: Spotlight on....Rap

GMT have bade a fond farewell to Drygate and our concert "Make it a Treble"; now time for something completely different.

In January we will be presenting In the Heights at Eastwood Park Theatre, a musical combining hip hop beats, Latin / streetdance moves and the catchiest music in the whole of Washington District, New York. The hip hop theme brings about a skill not usually sought out when casting a musical - rapping.

There are four characters (all male - sorry ladies!) who need to be able to spit out some lyrics.

USNAVI DE LA VEGA - Playing age: 20s

Owner of the local Bodega and the eyes and ears of his Washington Heights neighbourhood. Raised by Abuela Claudia since his parents passed away. In love with Vanessa but has never made any attempt to elevate the relationship.

BENNY - Paying age: 20s

Best friend to Usnavi and works as a cab driver for Rosario Car & Limousine. A street punk and hoodlum until Kevin helped him become hard working and responsible. Falls in love with Nina.

SONNY – Playing age: Late teens to 20s

Usnavi’s cousin spending the summer working at the bodega. Hangs out with his friend Graffiti Pete. Intelligent but needs guidance to avoid ending up a street punk.

GRAFFITI PETE – Playing age: late teens to 20s

Local graffiti artist and friends with Sonny. Hangs out on the streets dancing to his boom box music and spraying any surface he can.

Descriptions aren't usually enough when it comes to music, so have a listen to this - the opening number and show-stopper "96,000" performed at the Tony Awards in 2008 (in which year In the Heights was nominated for 14 awards, and won 4, including Best Musical).

Come along tor our FREE workshop on 29th August, at Dance Glasgow, Ruthven Lane for further information, and keep an eye out for further posts highlighting the diversity of cast we are looking for - it's not all about rapping, but we're excited for the parts that are!

GMT will perform In The Heights at Eastwood Park Theatre, 26-30 January 2016. Open Auditions will be held over the weekend 18-20 September 2015. Follow us on facebook or twitter, or sign up to our newsletter for futher details.

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