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Interview: Alan Digweed // Guys and Dolls

With Guys and Dolls opening in just under two weeks, we wanted to take the chance to get to know some of our leading men and women a little better. In the run up to the show, we will bring you interviews with various cast members, giving you an insight into what has been going through their minds (maybe not everything...) over the last eight weeks.

First up, GMT veteran Alan Digweed who is playing long-time gambler and 'make-it-happen-man', Nathan Detroit.

Nathan Detroit (Alan Digweed)

Describe Nathan Detroit in three words?

Committmentphobe, affable, hopeless.

What similarities and differences have you found between you and Nathan?

He can grow a moustache. We both like hats. We're bald - he minds, I don't. He's shorter than me...

What is your favourite thing about Nathan?

His hat. I love a show hat. He's a bit of a loon, but definitely a good guy at heart.

What is your favourite part of rehearsing Guys and Dolls so far?

I am loving working in an ensemble. I've had a bit of a show break to have a baby, so it's been such a bonus to come back in to a plum role, surrounded by so many talented performers.

What is it like playing romantically opposite Zoe Most (playing Miss Adelaide)?

Zoe is outstanding and an absolute force of nature. She is going to blow people away. In our first rehearsal together she was off book and was Adelaide already. Everyone knew then that they would have to raise their game!

What have you found the most challenging aspect of playing Nathan Detroit?

Mainly getting to grips with the patterns of speech. Nathan is an unrelenting mouthpiece, so it has been really important to me to be off book as early as possible and find my own way to deliver the dialogue without it sounding unnatural.

Alan Digweed in rehearsal

Can you share a funny rehearsal story?

Before blocking our duet (Sue Me), Zoe was directed to rough me up a bit during the song. As she is but a tiny little girl, I said she should just let me have it. With no fear we started the song and Zoe's first move was to poke me in the chest. Needless to say she has a finger of steel, which she duly thrust into my collar bone causing me to scream like a girl and almost pass out. Any flinching during this scene is very real.

Nathan lies to Adelaide a lot. What is the biggest lie you have ever told?

I told Zoe it didn't hurt too much when she thunder punched (poked) me. It did.

What is the most outrageous or outlandish excuse you've given to get out of doing something?

I can't think of anything at all. It's not like this is an excuse to get out of answering this question or anything...

Finally, why should people come to see the show?

I've watched some great productions of Guys and Dolls over the years with massive casts, but this is a completely different animal. A small, highly dedicated cast will do everything we can to show you a new take on an old classic.

Nathan Detroit (Alan Digweed)

Don't miss your chance to see Alan as Nathan in Guys and Dolls, 2-6 May at the Brian Cox Studio, Scottish Youth Theatre. Tickets still available from the GMT Box Office.

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