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Cast & Creatives

Alex Owens - Christina Leon

Nick Hurley - Johnny Collins 

Gloria - Ciadhra McGuire 

Hannah Owens - Nicola Coffield

Keisha - Kay Robertson

Jazmin - Kelly Johnston

Jimmy Kaminsky - Andi Denny

Harry - David Yates

Dr Kool - Kevyn Connett

Abe - Ross McNally

Sammy - Ryan Towart

Joe - Robin Cameron

Skin Deep Soloist - Claire Logue 


Dance captains - Louise Yau & Ross McNally



Robyn Casey

Richard Dalrymple

Jamie Daly

Curtis Desire

Nicola Drummond

Kimberley Ann Hannah

Julie Henery

Nicola Hunter

Laura McLuskey

Nicola Pew

Greg Robertson

Sally Swanson

Louise Yau


Director/Choreographer - Marion Baird

Musical Director - Barrie McKillop
Assistant Director - Jennifer Donald

Assistant Musical Director - Erik Igelström

Technical Director - Colin Johnston

Producer - Gregor Duthie

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Based on the iconic 1983 film,  Flashdance  is an unmistakably  feel-good musical about holding onto your dreams and love against all the odds. Featuring  an instantly recognisable  score including smash hits ‘Maniac’, ‘Manhunt’, and Academy Award winning title track ‘Flashdance – What a Feeling’ it  tells the story of 18 year old Alex, a welder by day and pole-dancer by night, who dreams she can win a place at the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy. Trying to balance her relationship with her boss against her loyalty to her friends,  and discovering painful lessons about life and loss, Alex strives to find her own way forward, knowing that “being’s believing”.


"Don't Stop" from Flashdance
Flashdance Trailer

Think you know Flashdance? Think again. With over a dozen original songs, there's more to the stage version than just the high-octane buzz of 'What a Feeling'.

Here, Alex Owens (Christina Leon) and Nick Hurley (Johnny Collins) sing love theme "Don't Stop" from Flashdance.

Flashdance: In Rehearsals
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