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Narrator - Alasdair MacRae

Cinderella - Katie Shearer

Jack - Andi Denny

Jack's Mother - Nicola Coffield

Baker - Alan Digweed

Baker's Wife - Amy Glover

Cinderella's Stepmother - Hilary Paterson

Florinda - Eilidh McMillan

Lucinda - Rachel Thomson

Cinderella's Father - Barry Greene

Little Red Riding Hood - Marelle Sturrock

Witch - Jocelyn Nelson

Cinderella's Mother - Jennifer Donald

Mysterious Man - Robin Cameron

Wolf - Barry Greene

Granny - Jennifer Donald

Rapunzel - Ciadhra McGuire

Rapzunzel's Prince - David Yates

Cinderella's Prince - Alex Lyne

Prince's Steward - Ewan Macleod

Milky White / Giant / Snow White / Sleeping Beauty - Emma Fraser and Charlie Batchelor


Director - Gregor Duthie

Musical Director - Jonathan Salmond

Movement Director - Marion Baird

Assistant Musical Director - Erik Igelstrom

Set and Puppet Designer - Nicola Coffield

Lighting Designer - Callum Smith

Stage Manager - Laura McMeekin

Cast & Creatives

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