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Little Shop of Horrors

Eastwood Park Theatre
July 2010





Seymour - Gregor Duthie

Audrey -  Judith Miller

Audrey II - Nicola Coffield

Mushnik -  Ian Alexander

Orin - Andrew Jones

Ronette - Marion Baird

Crystal - Charlie Batchelor

Chiffon - Laura McMeekin

Shirelle - Amy Fieldhouse

Vandella - Lindsay MacNeill

Fontella - Kirsty Yeung

All other parts played by Ben Miller


Director - Amy Glover

Musical Director - Jonathan Salmond

Choreographer - Marion Baird

Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Sarah Daly

Designers - Fraser Duthie and Nicola Coffield


"Horror, laughs, romance and a glut of toe-tapping showstoppers" - Evening Times

Cast & Creatives

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When veterans of Jim Henson's Creature Workshop made the mesmerising Audrey II for the film, audiences had never before seen special effects like it on that scale. But in the age of green-screen, CGI and Avatar, we knew we couldn't captivate audiences with just a giant fly-trap puppet. Gasps went round the auditorium as our plant opened to reveal writhing tentacles lit only with ultraviolet light. As the tentacles entwined to drag victims into the depths of the plant, no one could believe what they were seeing. GMT's unique puppetry and movement knocked the petals off the usual papier-mâché puppets. Shaking off the bobbed hair and sequinned dresses, GMT set the show in the 90s. The issues of poverty, greed and unrequited love translated perfectly to the modern day and this modern fairy tale delighted adults and children alike.

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