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Interview: Zoe Most // Guys and Dolls

Next up in our Guys and Dolls interview series Zoe Most who is stepping up to bat to take on the iconic role of the fabulous but long-suffering showgirl, Miss Adelaide.

Miss Adelaide (Zoe Most)

Describe Miss Adelaide in three words?

Loving, patient, nasal

What similarities and differences have you found between you and Adelaide?

I would say we're both characters. I'm very strong willed, and I think she is too - especially for the time the show is set. I like academia, but don't think I have much common sense! Adelaide does her research and has read a lot about her cold (I mean, who wouldn't after having had one for 14 years?), but when it comes to people, particularly Nathan, she's blind to flaws. She's definitely more forgiving than I am. There's no way I would put up with half the stuff Nathan puts her through.

What is your favourite thing about Adelaide?

I love her range of emotions - one minute she's being sappy with Nathan, the next she is verbally tearing him a new one! And despite how much trouble it gives her, I love her cold, it's so much fun to play with. Not literally though, I promise the snot is only imaginary!

What is your favourite part of rehearsing Guys and Dolls so far?

I am really enjoying singing with Alan and Kerry. I wouldn't call myself a singer, so 'mucking about' with them has been really fun and also improved my confidence! I thought Marry the Man Today was really odd until I started rehearsing it with Kerry. Now it's one of my favourite numbers!

What is it like playing romantically opposite Alan Digweed (playing Nathan Detroit)?

Oh man, it's an absolute joke. His acting is so one-dimensional and he can't take direction... just kidding! Alan is hilarious. The only issue working with him is that I can't stop laughing. Fortunately we don't really have many soppy scenes that require us to kiss romantically, as if we did I'm not sure I could do it with a straight face. Though after 14 years would you really want to kiss one another anyway?

What have you found the most challenging aspect of playing Adelaide?

I think trying to bring something new to the role whilst staying true to the character has been challenging. Adelaide is such a well-known character but often she is played as a whiny, spineless sneeze, which I did want to and wouldn't have been able to do. Making her stronger and more independent has brought her closer to the 21st century and made her more relatable (in my opinion), despite her dreams still being in the 1950s.

Zoe Most in rehearsal

What has been the biggest challenge of the show so far?

I guess the timescale (10 week rehearsal period) and trying to work around everyone's availability presents a big challenge, what with those with children, or university exams, or work... Fortunately that doesn't really affect me - sorry production team! (It's a good job you're so talented Zoe, otherwise we'd never forgive you for reminding us of this! Love, The Production Team)

Can you share a funny rehearsal story?

I once had to slap someone on the back, and they thought themselves a bit of a 'tough guy' so told me not to hold back. When we ran the scene I slapped him really hard - apparently so hard it rendered him speechless. We had to stop the scene and he lifted his shirt to show that his back was completely red except for one bright white handprint! This reminds me of when Alan and I were rehearsing Sue Me - I had to poke him, which was apparently really sore because I got him right in the collarbone...

At the time I thought both of these moments were funny, but thinking about it now I'm wondering if I'm a bit of a sadist...

Nathan lies to Adelaide a lot. What is the biggest lie you have ever told?

I'm really quite a goody-two-shoes! I suppose I tell lots of little white lies but they tend to be harmless, namely why I'm running late. However, whilst in primary school, I told everyone I was allergic to pickled onions - in truth I just really hated them, especially the smell - and so I told my friends that none of them could sit with me if they had pickled onions in their lunch or I'd have an allergic reaction. Nobody questioned it and no one in my class ate pickled onions for most of our primary school years!

What is the most outrageous or outlandish excuse you've given to get out of doing something?

I try to follow through on everything I commit myself to so I genuinely can't think of anything. But my brother once called his work saying he was coughing up blood so that he could go out drinking that night instead - this became a two-week bender! He only got in contact with them again after his P60 came in the post. They thought he had died! (disclaimer: GMT assume no liability for any repercussions for this confession)

Finally, why should people come to see the show?

Quite frankly, it's going to be hilarious! We are having loads of fun doing it, and I think it will definitely show on stage.

Miss Adelaide (Zoe Most)

Book your tickets now to see Zoe as Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, 2-6 May at the Brian Cox Studio, Scottish Youth Theatre.

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