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In Conversation With the Stars of Drowsy: Ciadhra McGuire

In this blog, we meet Ciadhra McGuire an emerging starlet on the Scottish cabaret and festival scene to find out more about her role of Janet Van De Graaf in the upcoming production of The Drowsy Chaperone and some of her other current and future exciting performances.

It is lovely to see you back in the rehersal room with GMT after a bit of a break. Can you tell us about some of your past GMT performances?

Ciadhra: My first show with GMT was A Chorus Line- I played the unsung hero Tricia, who really needed the job but was cut after the first number. I played Rapunzel in Into The Woods, Gloria in Flashdance, Angel in Whorehouse and was also in How To Succeed In Business and Merrily We Roll Along, as well as various concerts. Rapunzel was previously my favourite role, but I think Janet Van De Graaff is overtaking her.

Tell us a bit more about Janet Van De Graaf, a role made famous on Broadway by Sutton Foster?

Ciadhra: Janet Van De Graaff is a quintessential 1920s starlet at the height of her career, but she is giving it up to marry the man she loves- even though she is in the prime of her life and he is clearly gay. She is torn by her decision. Comedy ensues.

Sounds like a fabulous part, what tempted you to audition for it?

Ciadhra: Honestly, I was just dying to sing Show Off! Other than that, the music in this show is fantastic and exactly the kind of stuff I enjoy singing so I knew once I heard the score that I wanted to audition.

You have had a break from GMT productions working on some other exciting projects, can you tell us a bit about them?

Ciadhra: Yes, as well as singing solo (EDIT: You can regularly catch Ciadhra singing across Glasgow venues including a weekly slot at The Riding Rooms) I am part of forties style close harmony trio The Ragtime Dolls. I am also one half of comedy double act Earnest & Wilde, who are just back from the Adelaide Fringe festival where we won the weekly Best Cabaret award- you can catch us at the Edinburgh Fringe this year!

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about Drowsy Chaperone Show Week:

Ciadhra: If I can get through it without breaking anything, I’ll consider it a win. Everything else will be a bonus.

The Drowsy Chaperone will be held at the Brian Cox Studio @ Scottish Youth Theatre from 8th to 12th May with performances at 8pm (additional Saturday matinee at 3pm). Tickets are available through the Glasgow Music Theatre Box Office on our webpage, via cast members or through

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